About D.I.N.E. Events™

D.I.N.E. Events™ is a boutique events company which focuses on creating unique events which facilitate building connections.  Our events target CEO’s, Directors and industry experts creating a platform for them to collaborate, connect and inspire.  It started out of a natural organic interest and passion by entrepreneurs who found the classic “networking” events too contrived and superficial.

Our events are deliberately designed to ensure that the perfect environment is created for people to connect and sow the seeds of long lasting business relationships.  D.I.N.E Events™ feature exceptional world class entrepreneurs as guest diners, these are people who typically charge large sums of cash for their time, our guests get to rub shoulders with these people for a fraction of the normal investment and bring their businesses to the table for advice and consulting services.

Originally dinners, lunches, drinks evenings and other social events where people have space and time to meet each other.Our events provide a prescreened membership which come together at intimate events.   D.I.N.E. Events™ host VIP Guest Diners both public experts and industry insiders. They provide inspiration, ideas and insights.


Lovelda Smith

Lovelda Smith

Lovelda Smith

Tired of attending networking event after networking event where the focus was solely on meeting as many people as possible in a short space in time Lovelda started D.I.N.E. Events™ in 2011 to challenge the status quo.  Lovelda noticed that for those people who built effective businesses were able to build meaningful relationships with people and that the current networking landscape simply didn’t support this.

Born in the Bahamas Lovelda spent the first 3 years her life in Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Islands (there’s one for your google search). She left when she was 3 when her family moved to the Solomon Islands for a year followed by Papua New Guinea for 11 years. Lovelda has been living in England since 1998 and brings and international flare the the entrepreneurial scene.

3 people she’d most like to meet:

  • Richard Branson
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Larry Page