D.I.N.E. Events™ stand for Dynamic Innovative Networking Entrepreneurial Events

D.I.N.E. Events™ is a boutique events company which focuses on creating unique events which facilitate building connections.  Our events target CEO’s, Directors and industry experts creating a platform for them to collaborate, connect and inspire.  Traditional networking events often have a contrived and pressurized atmosphere, and are only successful if you are able to ‘sell your business’ on the spot. D.I.N.E Events™ breaks the mold by providing a more relaxed setting where conversation flows, and personality is key.

This is not traditional “Networking”

Everyone is encouraged to present  their business and take advice from well renowned business savvy speakers who have tried and tested methods of success. It is an exclusive oppourtunity to have one on one conversations with industry experts who normally talk to hundreds or thousands at one time. There is no fight for attention or sales room techniques needed as every individual has an equal opportunity to talk to the experts and are guided to who will most suit your business needs.

D.I.N.E. Events™ provides

  • Exceptional entrepreneurs who can truly assist you with expanding your business rapidly.
  • Guided introductions based on your individual business needs.
  • Exclusive access to well renowned industry experts.
  • Fun, interactive and relaxed networking opportunity.
  • Luxury venues

We make it incredibly easy for you to connect in a meaningful way,and enjoy yourself whilst doing it.